Ab is life πŸ’—
Happy Birthday my dearest one; 

You are the greatest person I know. You are beautiful, kind, intelligent, loving, and caring in all aspects of life. You don’t put up with anyone’s crap (especially mine) and I love and admire you for that. You are so strong and never let anything get you down, even though some of those things would bring any other person down, but not you my love. You are my best friend, my partner in crime; you are my witness who sees me at my best and worst times, and loves me just the same. 

I love you, Jess πŸŒΌπŸ’—
Kieran Jams


back to school supplies list

  • red lipstick
  • one pencil
  • vodka, probably
  • earbuds to block out your basic ass bitching
I have been called every name in the book; ugly, fat, stupid, bitch, whore, and even worse, but I’ll spare you all. Yes, I realize I don’t have the most gorgeous face, or velvety voice to listen to, or perfectly curvaceous body. I’m not a genius, and I’m not the most coordinated person on the planet. But with all this said, I love myself and I don’t care if you reading this think highly of me or not. I am me and will never be anything this twisted society wants. So here’s my body confidence post. Know you won’t be able to change me so - 

"Take me baby, or leave me." 

πŸ’› | Leave your lover, leave her for me


when u accidentally hurt ur friends feelings and they insist that its fine but u know it isnt






Why are shorts called shorts but pants arent called longs

she wears short shorts I wear long longs

she’s cheer cheerer and i’m on the sit sits


try and tell me this isnt the cutest thing ever